High-Quality Handcrafted Jewelry

I opened my shop on Etsy in 2010 to sell my handcrafted jewelry. At that time it was mostly resin keychains, bottle cap jewelry, paper beads and beaded jewelry. Then, in 2015 I found an old a NYC Subway Token amongst items I inherited from an aunt and thought "that would make a cool ring", and gave coin-ring-making a whirl. I posted a photo of that resulting ring on my personal Facebook page and the response from my friends was overwhelming: "I want one!" and "are you adding these to your Etsy shop?" I then spent most of my time making coin rings with the occasional odd jewelry item that was not coin related, with much success. I was even contacted by a writer for the New York Daily News who liked the photographs of my rings and asked to include them in an article she was writing about NYC subway-related items to purchase online! At that time my website was kingscoinrings.com, but I've since returned to using beadyeyedbeth.com, since coin rings are not all that I make.Regardless of the success of my rings, I'm happiest when I'm creating new things, so I'm once again making other types of jewelry and art items, and I will soon be adding those to my shop, so stay tuned!

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