Purple Passion Extra-long Wrap Stretch Bracelet, Necklace or Anklet


Just one available.

Purple, gold, deep blue and berry pink combine to make this one knock-out of a wrap! All-glass seed beads on super-stretchy elastic.

This extra-long (87 inches) beaded stretch wrap can be worn as a bracelet, anklet and necklace, is one-size-fits-all and will wrap around a 7-inch wrist 12 times to give a stacking effect (see photos). Just how many times it will wrap depends on your wrist/ankle size, and how loosely you like to wear it.

Care and handling, and disclaimer: This is not intended for children. While this is made from super-stretchy, high-quality elastic it is not mean to be excessively stretched or pulled hard. I am not responsible for breakage due to rough handling or excessive heat exposure (left in a hot car) and no refunds will be issued, or returns accepted, as a result. With proper care and handling this braclet will last for years.

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