MBTA "T" Token Ring Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority-FREE Resizing-My Rings in the NY Daily news


WEAR A PIECE OF MASSACHUSETTS HISTORY! - ALL my token rings are made from genuine vintage tokens.

Before the Charlie Card these tokens were used for rides on the transit system. Show your Mass Pride by wearing or gifting one of these very cool rings.

MBTA "T" Token Ring Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority-FREE Resizing-SEE BELOW

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SEE MY CUSTOMER REVIEWS! I pride myself on high-quality workmanship - you will find no better quality handcrafted token rings of this kind anywhere online. Look closely at the photos. What you see in my photos is the quality of the ring you will receive. Others often charge MORE money for LESS quality, but I refuse to sell junk - my reputation is too important to me.

MY RINGS IN THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Copy & Paste: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/cool-subway-themed-souvenirs-online-article-1.2656924?22

WATCH ME MAKE A NYC TOKEN RING ON YOUTUBE: (Copy & Paste) https://youtu.be/VOQVPGuWzX4

Ring color may vary (SEE PHOTOS) due to the handcrafted nature and metal content ratio. These rings are a NOVELTY item, and not fine jewelry, and are not meant to be worn 24/7 without expecting the clear coat and finish to wear off eventually. This will happen with exposure to water and perspiration, and time, as it is brass and can be expected to tarnish. To remove the clear coat use acetone-based nail polish remover, then use silver or chrome polish with a soft cloth to remove tarnish and restore shine. Ring width varies by ring size -- larger rings will be slightly more narrow than those pictured. Ring pictured is a size 8.

These rings are meticulously hand-made and hand-finished by me, with great care and pride. Because I use authentic tokens that were in circulation for years sometimes a ring may still retain a small ding or two here and there, but I try to buff them out the best that I can. I feel this look adds to the character and authenticity of the token ring.

DO NOT GUESS AT YOUR RING SIZE! These rings are made to order to exact size on a professional jewelers steel ring mandrel, so to avoid disappointment I highly recommend that you visit a jeweler to have your ring size measured accurately. I do offer FREE ring resizing, but you will have to pay postage to mail the ring back to me (See "RESIZING" below).

RESIZING (US ADDRESSES ONLY): FREE resizing for US customers ONLY due to the large cost increase in shipping internationally from the US. This is a "no-worries" ring purchase. If you order a ring and find the size needs to be adjusted I offer FREE resizing, and I even pay for the return postage. You will only need to pay postage to mail me the ring. I am not responsible for rings lost in the mail.

RING CARE: Do not try to polish - your ring has a clear coat on it. Soaking the ring in acetone will remove the clear coat. Your ring will come pre-protected coat of ProtectaClear, which is durable and scratch resistant, but please avoid exposing the ring to water as much as possible.

RETURNS: These rings are made to order, so I offer NO refunds or exchanges. FREE ring resizing is available (see above).

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